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Cable Jointing

Tyden Power are cabling jointing specialists with vast experience with both paperlead and XLPE. We can provide cable jointing and termination solutions ranging from LV to 132kv, with product training in most major manufacturers.

Over the last 10 years Tyden Power staff have worked on a variety of cable jointing and terminating projects throughout the public network, private network, mining and water treatment sectors. Gaining experience on many types of cables, switchgear and transformers. Our capabilities are:

  • Switchgear and transformer terminations
  • Poletop and outdoor terminations
  • Jointing and terminating of XLPE, EPR, Triplex, PILC, CONSAC and HSL cables
  • Product training in Raychem, Tyco, Cellpack and IPD


Tyden Power are able to provide solutions for big outages where staffing might be an issue, so please don’t hesitate call us regarding your next project.